March 14, 2010

Faded Glory

Its colonial beauty is what initially drew me to Cuenca. I fell in love with this type of architecture and urban layout, which centers around its many plazas, the first time I experienced it, over 30 years ago in the Mexican town of Merida. I remember thinking how much I would like to some day live in a town that looked and felt like that.

There certainly are some well-preserved and stunning buildings here in Cuenca but I have a weakness for the painterly visual texture of those buildings that are well worn, unpretentious despite their architectural grandeur, and clearly lived-in, often by the same family for generations.

And then there is this elaborate aerie perched atop another well-worn colonial building. I wonder what its use was originally--a studio perhaps? I immediately start thinking about how I would restore it and renovate it into a living space. Can you imagine how great (and impractical!) that would be?

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robin zingone said...

I am so excited to be seeing Cuenca thru your eyes!