April 13, 2010

Smart Mouse

I went to take a look at the Cuzco and Otavalo artisan crafts sale that was held yesterday at Plaza El Farol as part of the April 12 celebrations. Nothing really stood out from items sold at any of the markets around town. However, one street seller, who I don’t think was an official vendor, caught my eye and I bought one of these walking mice. I was pleased by the ingenuity of its design and mechanics. It is a piece of packing foam cut and glued into the shape of a mouse, with a set of little cement wheels added. When the string on top of the mouse is pulled it winds up the crank and when the string is released, turns the wheels so it walks on its own.

You can also pull the string and use it as a sort of leash, since the wheels will turn as you pull the mouse by the string. This man had turned inexpensive industrial materials into whimsical artifacts, which he could then sell at a profit (a decent one, I hope). I was impressed.


cingstars said...

Is this a reminder of NYC??

looloo said...

Oh, I wish the mice in NYC were this cute!