May 19, 2010

Oddly Familiar Sights

Looking through my pictures I found these images that were unusual to me yet became familiar after spending some time in Cuenca. Above is a slab of unsweetened chocolate, sold at Mercado 10 de Agosto and other places around town. It is most commonly used to make frothy hot chocolate. I was tempted to take some home just so I could continue gazing upon its marbled beauty!

Laundry hung out to dry on a clothesline is a familiar sight, as most people do not use clothes dryers. Sometimes you also see items strewn on shrubs to take advantage of a superior sunny exposure.

Indigenous ladies in their native costumes are a familiar sight around town. Their hats indicate the indigenous group to which they belong. This was the first time I saw this particularly stylish hat design.


Nancy Watson said...

FYI, This lady is from Peru. She is not indigenous to Ecuador. I have seen these people in Cuenca during special events. They come to sell their items particularaly at these times.

looloo said...

That's why this hat design wasn't familiar--it designates a Peruvian indigenous group!