May 24, 2010


Here are a few more examples of the beautiful architecture in Cuenca.

I’ve noticed in some of the blogs I read, about moving to Ecuador, that the packing stage carries some emotional weight, which I’m not experiencing yet. It may be that I’ve always found it hard to imbue objects with sentimental value or that my memories are so firmly entrenched within my mind that I know how easy they are to revisit. I do know that I will miss the serenity I feel whenever I sit by the lake and experience its stillness. But I know I will carry those moments with me wherever I go.

I guess places, people, and things are tied to experiences and to the feelings that accompanied those experiences. It is very fortunate that, in remembering, every part of that experience comes back to life to be enjoyed again. I look forward to making more memories in Ecuador.

This reminds me that though I first started traveling around 30 years ago, pretty much to a different country every year, it wasn’t until my trip to Ecuador three years ago that I brought a camera along for the very first time. I have no pictures of any of my travels, other than those taken by others. I felt that putting a camera between the world and myself did not allow me to fully experience what was right in front of me. I’ve never regretted that decision.

However, I brought a camera on that trip to Ecuador because I was traveling with my Mom and she wanted pictures of her family. Luckily, once I returned home I had already printed my favorite ones of her and her sisters when my hard drive died and all the pictures I had taken of Ecuador were lost—all of them, including some landscapes I really liked.

Now that I have this blog I find that I enjoy taking pictures to post and writing the little captions. But it is the sharing of them that I enjoy the most and once they are posted they too become a memory. I’m glad our brains are so good at remembering.


Connie Pombo said...

Oh, I needed to read this post today! We've moved 29 in 35 years and this is by far the hardest. I think emotionally it's hard because our son is getting married on Sunday and we're moving away (not down the street, but to a different continent). Maybe I'm getting it all out of my system so I can enjoy the wedding and our new adventure in Ecuador! I certainly hope so because I'm just about cried out! Hasta pronto! ~Concetta

looloo said...

Hi Connie, aka Concetta : )

You know, I think moving away from children (and parents) is probably the toughest part of a move such as this. I waited until my Mom died because I couldn't leave not knowing if I would see her again. I know it's a different situation with children but those are the ties that tug at our hearts!

Sapa Ynca said...

Yeah, Looloo I see you and I see things the same. We just had our first grandchild and Abuelita is having a hard time with the move. So is my daughter. But I tell them, what is the difference from Ecuador and another state? If you gotta get on a plane does it really matter? Life is just too short for the "ordinary" when all you gotta do is add "Extra" to the word to really live. Viva Ecuador!

looloo said...

Yes, since my family is scattered geographically I think I may very well end up seeing them about as often as I usually have in the past! Though I can understand that if there's a baby involved it would be extra tough--they change so much so quickly. When are you guys moving?

Sapa Ynca said...

I am making my final "pre-trip" in July and soon after ( 3-4 months ) we hope to make the final. I have been planning since...1982? But the laws change so quick and we have a couple of immigration options ( Wife is Ecuadorian and I qualify as investor ) and I want to see if we can bring two containers???? Not sure if it will work but its worth a try. When is you perm move?

looloo said...

Two containers--that's a lot of stuff! I'm hoping to just bring a few suitcases. My final move is July 5. Only a few more weeks to go...I'll see you there!