May 14, 2010

Some Plant Life

The picture above is of a fig tree, which was growing at Ecuagenera, the orchid enterprise.

The flowering cactus and the stylish spiral-leaved plant were growing there as well.

I saw this flowering bush growing all around and above the wire fence bordering a home. This is a fairly common sight and it makes the front of the homes look so pretty.

I took this shot of a small flowering tree, which was growing on the sidewalk, as rain was approaching. The light made the flowers look luminous against the darkening sky.

You’ll notice a variety of plant life growing along the river. I thought this was particularly lovely.

Spring-like weather year-round means that something is always flowering regardless of the time of year. I’m looking forward to gardening without frost or deer lurking around. I’m sure I’ll encounter some other gardening tribulations but this sounds like gardening paradise to me.


Sapa Ynca said...

Great shots as usual looloo! You have such an eye for it! Thanks for keeping the blog going!

looloo said...

You're welcome! And thank you for reading it and for your comments! I still have pictures for a few more Cuenca posts but there are so many photo ops here at the lake that I just have to post some of those too :)