September 4, 2010

The #8 Bus

I've always enjoyed traveling by bus and train. You're suspended in time with little control or demands placed upon you and your brain can go into a kind of stillness that is very receptive to the present and immediate. Just taking in the views that scroll by the window is enough to keep me absorbed for the length of the trip. I've figured that the reason I don't like traveling by plane is that the views outside the windows are for the most part lacking in narrative.

In any case, we chose to take the #8 bus at random, not knowing what to expect. Visitors to Cuenca have found that just taking a bus, any bus, will provide a nice little travel interlude of about an hour each way, for the modest cost of 25 cents. So my plan is to take every single of the 29 bus routes currently operating, from beginning to end. The #8 bus goes from Los Trigales to San Joaquin and back. First we rode to Los Trigales but the window was so dirty that all I could see were the broad outlines of the view--my eyes were hurting trying to focus! I got lucky on the way back and I was able to take some shots.

Pretty much any bus route will take you out to the countryside. This one took us to an area of small plots of farmland, with rows of produce creating neatly laid out patterns.

We saw cows grazing.

And farmers farming.

And these whimsically drawn birds advertising fertilizer.

And this Andean McMansion...wait, back up...what was that? In the middle of all these modest homes and small plots there is this structure, the likes of which I last saw in Las Vegas? We figured this is quite likely an example of the commonplace phenomenon of locals migrating abroad to work very, very hard and save so they can return and build their dream home. This person had big dreams.


Karen Kimbler said...

I also love the bus for the same reason. I am so quiet and lost in watching that Randy usually asks if I am alright!

looloo said...

The simple pleasures :)

retired_poppi said...

Where is that mansion? Trigales or San Joaquin?

Sapa Ynca said...

Remember when we were kids and could't sleep cause we wanted to see the gifts we had in the morning? I bet you don't sleep well each night. Because every day is a gift now. Enjoy Loo and thanks again! VIVA!

Sapa Ynca said...

Sorry I left out the "on Christmas eve! VIVA!

looloo said...

retired poppi, we saw the house maybe 10-15 minutes out of San Joaquin on the way back to Cuenca.

Sapa Ynca, yeah, something like that!

Brenda Eddy said...

Ohhhhh, that sounds like my kind of outing! I have been hoping to find a place close to hike and ride horses. Thank you for sharing!

P.S. Call me if you want a buddy to go back with...

Love, Brennie