September 16, 2010

On the Road

As we exited the grounds we noticed this German Shepherd leaving at the same time. We heard the owner of the restaurant just outside the grounds call out to it but the dog paid her no mind. He walked a bit ahead of us and seemed to be following a routine. Sometimes he would fall behind, as he took care of business but he would soon catch up and continue on his way. I began to grow a bit concerned as he had walked quite a bit away from the falls.

Then he stopped and it was clear that this was as far as he would go. He watched us for a while as we walked away and then he turned back. We felt as though he had escorted us as far as he could--it was both eerie and comforting at the same time and it put a smile on my face.

We walked a bit until we reached a modest roadside eatery we had noticed on the way to the falls. It advertised coffee and empanadas, among other things, and we had been looking forward to an afternoon snack. We ended up having some fried trout as well and everything was just right. We made another friend when this pup decided the best spot was under the table, napping by our feet.

As we continued on our way back to town, we saw

these mysterious, sharply pointed peaks,

an elderly lady, in her bright skirt and hat, tending her cows,

a piglet, who appeared to be earnestly hunting for truffles,

are these lemons? We've seen a plenitude of limes in Ecuador but this was our first sighting of what appeared to be lemons!

and this gentle bull, with the most beautifully patterned horns.

We would not have been able to truly enjoy any of these sights from a car. This countryside was truly made for walking.

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Len Charnoff said...

El perro sabe que su territorio.

Your photos make me feel that I'm on the trip with you.

Gracias por las amables palabras que en mi espaƱol

My spanish is a combination of working with Rosetta Stone and chatting with an uruguayan friend.

Have you tried creating a video with your photos using

The first 30 seconds are free.

Here is a sample. The video is my wife's garden.