October 16, 2010

Feria Libre

I'm still not feeling quite up to going out of town on a day trip so we ended up going to the Feria Libre yesterday. Feria Libre is an enormous market, with a zillion vendors. I find it overwhelming so we decided to stick to the food market area, which is enough excitement! The offerings are, of course, plentiful and gorgeous, with all kinds of native produce on display--rich colors and textures everywhere you look.

You can also find unusual and sometimes unappetizing looking ingredients, some of which are absolutely delicious once cooked, like these cow feet, which make a spectacular soup.

Or sometimes so creepy looking that I haven't been able to sample them, even when roasted to a crispy turn, like these cuy (Ecuadorian guinea pigs).

There were plenty of live fowl for sale--hens, turkeys, quail, and geese. I imagine some are sold for cooking and some, like these geese, for their eggs. I have seen duck offered in a couple of restaurants but never goose.

Then we stopped by the gardening area, where I found this wonderful flowering plant to add to the terrace. Apparently Wednesday is the big day for the plant vendors so I'll be back then.


Karen Kimbler said...

Oh those poor cuy... I have yet to partake.. but we have company from the U.S. who says they must try it before they go home..
Love the plant. I can't spell it but it is one of my favorites! I could never have one in the U.S. because it would freeze out!

looloo said...

Hi Karen,
Apparently cuy does taste pretty good but I just can't do it! What's the name of the flower? (even if you misspell it!)

Diane said...

Bougainvillea (pronounced /ˌbuːɡɨnˈvɪliə/)Great plant!

Anonymous said...

One thing about bougainvillea that you should know, if you water them too much all you get is green leaves and no flowers.

looloo said...

Thanks for the name--now I can research how to take care of it! (The seller told me that here they are called veraneras or flor de papel.)

Connie Pombo said...

Beautiful pictures (you have such a great eye for photography). And the cuy, well...I'm still holding out. It's hard to believe what we have as pets in the States are gourmet dining in Cuenca. Sigh. Glad you're feeling better! Un abrazo fuerte!