November 4, 2010

Fun at the Races

These events were hilarious. A wooden cart race followed by a burro "race" took place yesterday as part of the Cuenca Independence Day celebrations.

The starting point was at Benigno Malo and Calle Larga and the destination was Parque Paraiso. The carts rattled off at full gallop and didn't look particularly stable! Some participants were wearing helmets but a lot were not--I didn't follow the race but I imagine there were a few stumbles.

The cart race was followed by the burro race, which was more of an opportunity for the participants to dress up and have a good time. The burros were clearly not in the mood for exerting themselves and moved at a dignified pace.

Even if they were wearing silly hats.

Most of the participants were young and irreverent but this senora was taking her role pretty seriously.

It was very cheering, once again, to see kids, young adults, and older people, all engaged in a very low tech activity whose only apparent purpose was to laugh and have a good time.

(The following is not a Pollyannish or condescending observation!) There's a particular innocence of spirit at these events that I find very appealing and heartening. Obviously, festivals are not an everyday occurrence but even in the everyday, I have often noticed adults, including males, being playful with one another and even giggling when something strikes their funny bone. I guess I enjoy being around people who are not childish but comfortable with exhibiting childlike qualities when the occasion calls for it. It's a great way to stay optimistic and keep the blood pressure at a healthy level.


Len Charnoff said...

Gracias por las fotos de los grandes.

I especially like the one of the white burro. She looks like she has eye makeup.

Diecisiete días hasta que deje de Cuenca. Estoy muy emocionado



looloo said...

Yes, the little white burro has eye makeup and I think a little rouge as well! So flirtatious : )

17 days--that's great! And you're obviously keeping up with your Spanish lessons!

Laura Loveland said...

Hola Looloo, We are in Colombia and headed your way. Can you recommend a bus carrier for the run from Quito to Cuenca? Also a mid range hotel/hosteria in Cuenca. Many thanks! Laura from Mexico

looloo said...

Hi Laura,

I haven't traveled by bus from Quito to Cuenca (it's a looong trip) so I have no recommendations, sorry! I also haven't needed a hotel but these have been recommended.

Laura Loveland said...

Gracias, Looloo! Arriving in Quito for a few nights este noche and then Cuenca. Hasta pronto! Laura

looloo said...

Laura, I've also heard good things about

Looking forward to meeting you!