January 1, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

It all started innocently enough at the local New Year's celebration, which was taking place on the square right next to my home.

However, walking around the neighborhood, things started to feel a little ominous. Not sure what this signifies "I'm obedient not belligerent". It was puzzling and a little...inauspicious.

Seeing a clown riding around with a baby on his lap in the middle of the night also felt somehow sinister but that might just be me and my dislike of clowns.

There were a few political tableaux which were critical and fairly dark. Interesting that the new year festivities are the time to address these issues.

Then watching young men vigorously whaling on a bunch of effigies, the better to have them burn into nonexistence, was alarming in the degree of effort and enthusiasm with which they were going at it.

People were setting fire to the humanoids all over the place.

It was serious business--nothing lighthearted about it.

Then there is the ritual of jumping over fires as tall as the jumper--maybe not such a great idea? Apparently there are quite a few burnt crotches at the emergency room every year!

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