March 31, 2010

On a Rainy Day in Cuenca

I’ve been laying low for the past two days (my relatives left Monday morning). I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m an introvert, which in my case means that while I absolutely love being out and about and spending time with people, I also have to spend quite a bit of time alone to balance things out. The amount of time I need to spend alone is proportionate to the time spent with people and/or the amount of “busyness” that has transpired. So even though I promised myself that two days alone, just puttering about, were enough and that I would most definitely venture out today, that hasn’t come to pass. The fact that it has been raining on and off all day today (mostly on) wasn’t exactly promoting the idea.

So instead, I once again spend the day reading, watching movies, rearranging the furniture, emailing friends in the States and just generally re-energizing myself. I have to admit that I love rainy days because I find them soothing and non-demanding. Sunny days seem to challenge me to go out and accomplish worldly things! So here are two photos I took recently, while I was out there enjoying the world.

These parrots live in Ecuagenera, of which I posted on March 15. They seemed very happy and social and while we were watching them, appeared to have a minor scuffle but they soon made up and continued chattering away.

Doesn’t this look like a charming cottage on a country lane? And yet, it is actually on a side street off Solano, a major urban avenue. Walking down Solano, I wouldn’t imagine that I would see this image just by turning a corner. Knowing that I will soon be living here I am happy to get to know this city slowly, certain that there is an opportunity to find something interesting around practically any corner.

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