April 9, 2010

On a School Day

Today was a beautiful day and I was happy to be feeling OK and out and about. I walked by the park on my way to lunch and heard some marching band music. At first I couldn’t tell where it was coming from because I expected a parade and all I could see was the usual assortment of people walking around. Then I realized that the music was coming from a ragtag band of kids who seemed to be moving in a haphazard forward fashion, not exactly with military precision but playing with great vigor!

I wondered what that anarchy was about and I finally saw what looked like a professor leading them. I thought it was great that they were holding their own private parade in what appeared to be no more of an occasion than a music lesson--that’s the kind of teaching I like. There were too many people around to get a clear shot of them marching, so here they are playing in place.

Then walking a little bit more I noticed a toddler crocodile—little kids holding each others' shirttails on their way from the park back to nursery school. Even the normally very serious policemen were smiling at the sight. And look at that head of hair on the little girl in the green top!

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cingstars said...

Those little girls are too cute!