April 8, 2010

Who’s Afraid of the Ponies?

I’ve been laid low by a surprisingly vile stomach virus for the last few days and it hasn’t been fun, not at all. This is was the first time I had doubts about living here, mostly because being sick was the first occasion I had to actually feel how far away I am from a long-established circle of friends and family. I knew that as a single person, without the built-in companionship and support of coupledom, there would be times like these. However, I hadn’t foreseen how being sick would be a particularly troubling one because I tend to be fairly matter-of-fact about being sick. I wasn’t feeling horrible enough to need help but just knowing, that if I did, I could easily call on someone was a mental comfort I really missed having.

I’m on the mend today and looking at shots I had taken of these ponies (used for taking pictures with kids at Parque Calderon) reminded me of how both retro and peculiarly creepy I find them. They remind me of a particular episode of The Twilight Zone (for those who are not familiar with it, it was an American TV horror show from the 1950s). The plot of that episode centered on store mannequins, which would come to life at night. These ponies look to me like they are waiting to do just that. I think I'm still feeling a little light-headed.

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Holly said...

Hi Lourdes,

I feel the same way about those ponies!

"Hey, anyone want to sit on a dead animal and get their picture taken?!"

I would love to get together with you soon!