April 5, 2010

It's All About the Candy

Easter celebrations were going on in earnest on Friday, when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a marching band. By the time I got my camera and stepped out on the terrace most of the parade had passed. It was a sea of people, most carrying umbrellas because of the very bright sun. The kids horsing around on the street are wearing scout uniforms-- who knows what else I missed?

Fortunately, the leader, whom I couldn’t see at this point, decided to stop and give a speech and I was able to take a shot of some of the members of the wind section, who were looking very dapper.

I walked to the central plaza on Sunday, hoping to see more celebrations but I guess the weekend was winding down and all I got to see were the people streaming in and out of the main cathedral.

There was definitely an air of festivity around and I was told that eating candy after mass is a huge part of the Ecuadorean Easter tradition. All kinds of sweets were on sale right outside the steps of the cathedral, including candy apples. The candied grapes on a stick were an interesting innovation on the theme.

The most popular sweet appeared to be this frothy sugary concoction (it’s some sort of airy brittle meringue thing)--just looking at it made my teeth ache. It would take a stronger woman than me to brave something this scary.


ellen munday said...

dear loo loo,
enjoying your blog.
the frothy "stuff" reminds me of our equivalent of cotton candy. same same but different.
thank you

looloo said...

Hi Ellen! They actually had plenty of the pink cotton candy I'm used to in the States. This was more like a meringue--I guess I'll just have to try it!