May 6, 2010

Dim sum and Groundhogs

I flew overnight to NYC, arriving groggy-brained around 10AM—life would be much easier if I could sleep on a plane! I had scheduled to meet a friend in Chinatown at 1PM--I couldn’t wait to get some dim sum after two months doing without. Here’s the cart I was studying just a couple of hours after being back in the States. I think the first order of business once I get back to Cuenca is to find out if anyone is interested in opening a dim sum parlor.

I stayed in NYC for a few days, visiting with my sister and friends, but I was anxious to see how the house had fared over the winter. I knew everything was all right with the world when I saw the resident groundhog sunnying himself on the boardwalk. He's been around for the eight years I've had the place and he's gotten huge!

Then I put out the bird feeder and the first bird soon stopped by for a snack.

My first days back have been glorious, the lake sparkling with sunlight. I am really going to miss the view. I do look forward to being back in Cuenca but I’m already missing this place, I love it so. Is this a common feeling for those who move to another country? Yikes, should I be concerned about what it means?

It's hard to believe this will be my last summer by the lake.

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