April 29, 2010

So Long, Farewell

So, this phase of my Ecuador adventure will end on Saturday when I fly back to New York for approximately two months. I rented an apartment today so I will have a home to furnish and decorate when I come back. I took lots of pictures and measurements and knowing me, I’ll probably spend the best part of the next two months endlessly laying out the apartment and dreaming about the rooftop terrace. What I am not looking forward to, in fact I’m dreading it, is the next phase--getting rid of a house worth of belongings. It’s not so much the getting rid of stuff—I am the kind of person who loves a clean sweep once in a while—but the effort and work it entails. Halfway through I will probably just give everything away so that it’s done and I can start with a clean slate.

Coincidentally I had scheduled to take an Indian cooking class today with Leslie (check Rich and Nancy’s blog soon for more details, richandnancy.blogspot.com). It was the perfect occasion to say hasta luego to my very favorite people in Cuenca. Rich and Nancy, Brian (Shelley didn’t make it today but I saw her yesterday and we said our goodbyes) and Holly.

These are the people who have made my stay here such a pleasure and who have made me feel that I am a welcome addition to Cuenca. I’ll miss them. Here’s a toast to them and to Cuenca!


Diego said...


As always, I enjoy your photos and reflections. I trust you will have a safe passage back to the states as well as upon your return to Cuenca. Thanks again for your assistance. I am looking forward more than ever to visiting Cuenca this summer, and tentatively plan to arrive between July 8th and July 13th. I do intend to check out the availability of the apartment advertised by your friends. Hopefully, it will be available during my needed time slots. I still will need about two weeks yet before I can commit and make definitive plans. Maybe our paths will cross yet this summer. Take care. Jim

Caroline & Thomas said...

Hi Looloo,
I really enjoyed your blog, including "looloo on the lake." The photos are very inspiring. We've recently moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador, and we love Ecuador, but our house in town isn't nearly enough in Nature, and your photos have inspired me make it a priority to "get out of dodge" soon! We too have an Ecuador blog: http://blog.heartofecuador.com Best of luck with your big move! Caroline

Sapa Ynca said...

Have a safe trip back but please keep blogging! We too are selling, planning and have a home back in Ec too! Viva Ecuador!