September 22, 2010

Re-Opening of Calle Simon Bolivar

A quick drive-by posting of the set up for the re-opening celebration of Calle Simon Bolivar, which takes place tonight at 7:30 in Parque Calderon. Simon Bolivar Street is closed to traffic from Tomas Ordonez to Benigno Malo.

Lots of food stands have set up in the park featuring the usual roast pork and its accompaniments plus some kind of stewed pork that looked pretty tempting and even roast cuy (Ecuadorian guinea pig).

Food vendors are also walking around and I got myself a hunk of pork rind from this happy guy (doesn't he look like Harvey Keitel?). My friend told me I looked like I had died and gone to heaven when I took a bite--I think he exaggerates.

A bunch of cycling daredevils were practicing for what I imagine will be a big performance later tonight.

Apparently many houses along the street have been spruced up in expectation of the completion of the street repairs and improvements--many are newly painted and more flowers than usual are decorating the balconies.

Ecuadorians really know how to celebrate even the most pedestrian events. Everyone who can, should join the festivities tonight--there will be music, food, dance, fireworks and a best balcony contest.

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