September 23, 2010


The terrace is still not done but I've had a few queries about when I would follow through on my promise to post some pictures, so even though I hate to show my work before it's done (it's the perfectionist in me), I think creating any kind of garden is always an ongoing project, so this is as good a moment as any to post the work-in-progress (this is definitely a run-on sentence!)

I took some pictures of the roof before work was begun so I'll show roughly the same locations before and after. The one above shows the staircase window (the very first picture on this post shows what you see as you're climbing up the stairs to the roof).

Here's what that corner looks like now. The hardest work entailed getting the floor tiles clean and the cement walls painted. It was clear when I moved in that the roof had never been used for outdoor living and that the floor tiles had never been cleaned (the building is approximately 35 years old). It took a long time to get those tiles clean!

Here's the one wall that's taller than the rest so I decided to have some climbing vines positioned here.

I still need to get the supports for the tendrils to wrap around and that's the next step.

Here's the other corner of that wall. I had a canopy tent installed instead of just getting an umbrella because I don't like the sun glaring at me at all--the more possibilities for shade the better. I purchased the outdoor teak and metal dining set at Ecuamueble, the only place I found in Cuenca that sold quality outdoor furniture.

Here's the next corner, you can see the length of Presidente Cordova Street to the west toward the centro.

Here's what it looks like now.

This area was covered with a zinc roof and used to hang laundry to dry.

I had the zinc replaced with the same material as the canopy tent, a light fixture installed, and hung a hammock. I'm getting some beautiful papyrus trees put here (I found some but they weren't in optimal condition so I'm still waiting).

Here's the view to the west toward the centro and my favorite lookout point. You can see mountains from all around the roof but from this side you can also see aged tile rooftops, the plaza next door, and church steeples. It's beautiful during the day...

as the sun sets...

and lit up at night. I'm very happy with my rooftop terrace.


Brennie said...


Awesome, awesome, and more awesome! I love how you are taking the old and making it shine again. There is so much old beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for helping us see the potential that it holds.

A fellow appreciator~

looloo said...

Hi Brennie!

Thanks! The entire apartment was like this--originally well designed but just not properly maintained. I know you guys took on a similar project with your place--when am I going to see it? ; )

Karen Kimbler said...

Wow, dont tell me you did all that scrubbing yourself! That had to be some intense cleaning. I love the before and after pics. Thats what I miss about our place, no private space. You found a marvelous place to call home.

Sapa Ynca said...

Great work! We create our own "heaven"! Viva!

looloo said...

Hi Karen, Nooooo, I considered doing it myself and then I hired someone else to do it! It took the guy 2 days to clean, first with a power hose and then hands-on scrubbing the old-fashioned way. He did a great job.

Sapa, I guess sometimes we get lucky :)

Holly said...

I love what you've done so far! It looks so pretty and inviting. I can't wait to hang out with you and drink sangria (I'll bring the soda!).

See you soon!

PS Let me know if you want anything from Canada.

looloo said...

Holly! When are you coming back? We all miss you! I'll email you a list of everything I want ; )